New: umbili-KIT™ featuring umbili-GRIP™


Always in stock and ready to ship: The umbili-KIT™ Mother/Baby Positive Identification System is designed to assist healthcare professionals in ensuring the safest mother/baby care experience.

With the umbili-KIT System, clinical care procedural errors, discharge mistakes and incorrect identification resulting in the discharge of infants to the wrong families is significantly reduced.

Each umbili-KIT features components with a matching, unique number to pair a newborn to their birth parent. The system provides essential, built-in redundancy through the use of our our patented, tamper resistant umbili-CLAMP™ OR our traditional, “Hollister-style” umbili-GRIP™ umbilical cord clamp, identification bands, optional stick-on labels, and identification cards.

Each Kit Contains:

  • One Sterilized, Numbered umbili-GRIP or umbili-CLAMP umbilical cord clamp
  • One four-part, Numbered Identification Band Set
  • Positive Mother/Baby Identification ID Card
  • User Application Guide

Options Include:

  • 4-part Stick-on Labels
  • Unnumbered Yellow Clamp,
  • Disposal Clamp Cutter
  • Foot Printers and Ink Remover Towelettes

For more information, please contact your local representative, email [email protected] or call 1-877-651-0060