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Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp

A convenient, secure, and safe single-use clamp.

The Divergent patented umbili-CLAMP is designed to securely clamp the umbilical cord immediately after birth. Its tamper resistant closure system significantly reduces the risk of accidental or unauthorized opening of the clamp. Resulting in a more secure application.


Unique and Patented Design
  • Security lock to prevent accidental opening after clamping.
  • Longer cord gripping surface area with larger teeth to accommodate larger cords.
  • Maintains a tight seal, and reduces the risk of slippage during application.
  • Wider finger grips for easy and secure application with gloves.
  • Rounded edge surfaces to prevent from snagging on clothing or getting caught on bed linen.
Patient Safety
  • Tamper resistant enclosure reduces the risk of accidental or unauthorized opening.
  • Single use device helps prevent the risk of cross contamination.
Ease of Use
  • Available with security lock for safe locking and avoidance of re-opening.
  • Maintains tight seal and applies constant pressure on any size cord as it shrinks.
  • Compatible with a range of RFID umbilical style tags.
  • Individually packaged and sterilized (eTO).
  • Available in white or yellow.
  • FDA registered Class II device.
  • Medical grade, non-toxic material which is latex, DEHP, and lead free.
And, Cost Effective
  • 30-70% less expensive than similar healthcare products.
Clamps and Cutters


Umbilical Cord Clamp Cutter

A convenient, safe, sterilized single-use cutter.

The Divergent umbili-CUTTER is a disposable/single-use cord clamp clipper that is individually packaged and sterile and very cost effective.


Unique Head Design
  • With its unique head design, the Divergent clipper facilitates the removal of most umbilical clamps AND can be used with umbilical style RFID tags as well.
Sterile Package
  • Sterilized for both your convenience to proactively address infection control issues.
  • Individually packaged in an easy-to-open pouch.
Patient Safety
  • Single-use eliminates concerns of cross-contamination.
  • Concealed cutting surface eliminates risk of sharp or pointed objects near baby.
Cost Effective
  • The Divergent cutter can be 30-100% less expensive than comparable products on the market today.
  • FDA registered Class II device.
Patient-Friendly Construction and Packaging
  • Rounded surfaces to reduce the potential for snagging clothes or linens.
  • Latex, lead and DEHP free.