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Divergent provides a complete range of infant security systems and patient identification solutions including our market leading umbili-KIT™ Positive Identification System with either our tamper-resistant umbili-CLAMP™ or traditional-style umbili-GRIP™ umbilical cord clamps, and our new and improved umbili-CUTTER™ umbilical clamp cutting tool. Addtiionally, we now offer new EPIC/Cerner Compatible ID Kits. All products are in stock and ready to ship. Call today for competitive pricing!



It can happen: even the best-trained staff can make mistakes. Reduce the clinical risks, emotional trauma to a new mother, and potential health dangers for an infant with Divergent’s innovative Mother/Baby Positive Identification Solution: the umbili-KIT.

Let us help you choose a customized umbili-KIT solution which will provide a simple, cost-effective solution to help ensure your institution is fulfilling the Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals of “improving the accuracy of patient identification and effectiveness of communication among caregivers.”


Umbilical Clamps and Cutters

Divergent has developed a comprehensive range of cost-effective, innovative and convenient products for labor and delivery, including:

  • Tamper-resistant umbili-CLAMP™ cord clamp
  • Traditional Hollister-style umbili-GRIP™ cord clamp
  • Sterilized, single-use umbili-CUTTER™
  • Single-use umbilical Safety Clipper
Infant Security graphic

TotGuard® Infant Security Systems

Focus on caring for your tiniest patients while our TotGuard® Infant & Pediatric Security Solution provides children and families with a safe and secure environment in your facility using RTLS. Featuring the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable tags in the industry, the wearable mother and infant tags provide real-time location of patients to prevent infant abductions and mother-infant mismatches. The solution uses GuardRFID infrastructure hardware and AllGuard® enterprise software to provide a wide range of door security and control options, allowing for the monitoring of new moms, their babies, other pediatric patients, and staff, in one innovative system.

Driven by a customer-first focus, the partnership between Divergent Medical Technologies and GuardRFID is built on 40 years of combined experience in providing Real Time Location Tracking for healthcare facilities. Primarily focused on infant and pediatric security, we collaborate to expand the functional and technical delivery of our market-leading solutions, bringing together our expertise and collective experience to help our customers ensure that their patients are safe, and that the hospital staff can provide excellent patient care.