Divergent/RIT Collaboration


Divergent Medical Technologies and research engineers at Rochester Institute of Technology have teamed up to design the next generation of Supervised Umbilical Clamp Transponder Tag.

The two-year collaboration has yielded a new, patented wireless tag design which combines the latest in infant security technology with traditional clamp ergonomics.

Initiated by a concept developed by Dean Trivisani, President of Divergent Medical Technologies in Oakland, New Jersey, the project was launched in 2010. Trivisani and his team at Divergent partnered with student engineers and scientists at RIT to invent and successfully test a new prototype device which has both location tracking and tamper detection capabilities. The transponder tag is designed to be inserted into the hinge of widely available, standard umbilical cord clamps, including Divergent’s own umbili-GRIP™.

The new umbilical clamp and transponder pair will be available in 2023 as part of Divergent’s umbili-KIT™ Mother/Baby Positive Identification System. For more information, please contact your local representative, email [email protected] or call 1-877-651-0060